Out of Line - Space Siege

The battle that never ends

Your starfleet has been wiped out. The only thing left between evil and good is…you.

Hold your ground in this epic battle in the darkest and deepest of space. 

Never give up. Sweep over the dark surroundings with your red laser dot. Look out for enemies in all shapes and forms. Show them who´s in charge!

Realease in...


Countdown to release 2021-12-20

Out of Line: Space Siege is the second release from Novitell Game Studios. The game will be released for Android before Christmas 2021.

In the beginning of 2022, the game will come to IOS and Steamdeck, as well as Windows, OS X and Linux.


Out of Line game series

This game will be the first in the Out of Line-series, produced by Novitell Game Studios.

The Out of Line  games are developed to be mindblowingly fun and engaging, while being easy to grasp.  No hard to learn controls. No strange mechanics or logics. Just plain old fun! 

We have harvested a lot of inspiration for Out of Line: Space Siege from the old 8-bit games of Commodore, Atari, Vectrex and NES. If you like those old consoles and the amazing games that came with them, you will fall in love with the Out of Line-series. 

Welcome to inspiring and relaxing gaming!