Bouncy the Balloon

Bouncy the Balloon

We are proud to present “Bouncy the Balloon” – the first Android game to be released by us in full version.

The game was released just before Christmas 2019, and has since then been downloaded by thousands of players.

“Bouncy the Balloon” is en epic platform game with a taste of the 80s, but still with a new touch. Instead of running and jumping, you control “Bouncy”, a hot air balloon through intriguing challenges.

The story

The story is that all beings of the universe has been taken hostage by the evil sorcerer Urkaal. He has spread his evil in the form of bombs and mines all over the worlds of the universe.No one dares to step outside anymore.

No one but a brave young balloon, called Bouncy.

Bouncy has been raised into a friendly but fearless balloon. He cannot stand the idea that his universe has been captured by evil.

So, he tells his friends back home that he will travel the worlds, to search and find Urkaal in his secret pyramid temple, somewhere in the universe.

He promises that he will not give up until he finds this evil man, with the black beard and the long black coat, that has made everyone fear him.

The challenges

Your mission is to help Bouncy the Balloon to fly through all the worlds of the universe, to try to find the evil Urkaal.

You fly Bouncy with a burner that heats up the balloons air, and makes it ascend. Also you can let air out of the balloon, to make it descend.

You and Bouncy will encounter many obstacles along the way, and you need to stay vigilant to find the best routes around all obstacles.

Sometimes, you need to bounce against obstacles to get through, even though it will hurt Bouncy. 

Sometimes you will need some extra equipment to stay on top of the challenges. You can buy addons in the game like a booster, to have Bouncy stop, or fly backwards. There are also sandbags that make Bouncy ascend very fast into the sky. And you can buy a pulse weapon, that makes bombs and mines go off before Bouncy hits them.

The further you get in a world, the more challenging it gets. 

When you reach the end of a world, the next world in the universe gets accessible for you. But you can also buy the next world – either with coins collected in game, or by a small purchase in the game store.

The future

At the release, “Bouncy the Balloon” comes with three worlds to fly through. Soon there will be more worlds released, of very different kinds.

We are eager to make the challenges for you and Bouncy even greater.

If you have ideas about worlds that you would like to see for the future releases, please send us a message, describing the world. 

If possible, your world might be one of our future releases!

Happy flying!

Have a sneak peak at Bouncy the Ballooon