Bouncy the Balloon

Bouncy Balloon
A new kind of platform game, in the air!
Enjoy the landscapes!
....while you have a chance.
Watch out for the black mines!
They will kill you instantly!

This is how Bouncy the Balloon was born

Games artist Elias Lundgren and game programmer Mattias Svensson Bergqvist.
Elias Lundgren, game artist and Mattias Svensson Bergqvist, game developer. Photo from 2015, when game development commenced.

These marvelous tools made this game!

 Game Engine: Godot Engine

3D-graphics: Blender

So, in december 2019, we finally releasedthe first full version of our groundbreaking android game, Bouncy Balloon. 

Almost five years after the first steps toward the game.

It all started in the spring of 2015, when the young games artist Elias Lundgren met the promising game developer Mattias Svensson Bergqvist. They quickly found common ground, and begun carving out the idea that eventually led to Bouncy the Balloon.

The idea was to create a fun and happy game with a retro flavor of the 1980s, while bringing a new kind of platform game sensation to the audience.

– This is a typical scroller, but without the running and jumping, says games artist Elias Lundgren. Instead you control the hot air balloon “Bouncy” through an intriguing journey stuffed with challenges.

Skilled game developer Mattias Svensson Bergqvist smiles and explains:

– You have to master all kinds of tricks, to get through our game. It´s not a sunny Sunday stroll. On the contrary, it´s a tough challenge to get through all our levels!

The levels are filled with obstacles like huge airships, scaffolding, sky scrapers, and antenna masts. While steering free from all those dangerous obstacles, you need to avoid deadly black mines, bombs hanging from balloons and more. Don´t forget to keep an eye on the state of Bouncy the Balloon.

If damaged, he will start to descend faster and faster…

During the journey you and Bouncy may run into big red bouncers, like the ones seen in those classical pinball games from the 80s.  It may be a good thing — if the bouncer throws you over an antenna. Less good if you get thrown right into a black mine, however! 

– Yes, and the red bounce-mines are even worse, Elias Lundgren states. They are moving items, so you can never be sure that Bouncy runs free from them.

The first full release of Bouncy the Balloon comes with three intriguing worlds to fly through. More worlds will be added soon.

The game is free to download and play. However, you can buy coins in the game, to make the game even more enjoyable.  With these coins, you can purchase cool and helpful addons for the balloon, as well as unlock new worlds.

Get Bouncy the Balloon here!

Get Bouncy the Balloon for your Android-device on Google Play! 
Just search for the game “Bouncy the Balloon”, and you are ready to take off!

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